Helen Olphin, Dip ION, mBANT, mCNHC, Dip IFM, BSc Physiotherapy, MSc Organisation Development

Helen Olphin
The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy

Helen Olphin is currently a Nutritional Therapist and Coach. She started her professional career as a physiotherapist specialising in surgery, A&E and intensive care, working in this country and then as head of surgery at the world famous Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town, where she treated Nelson Mandela, working in a multi cultural team which became a world class leader in the treatment of chest trauma. She later worked at Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg, working with Marius Barnard a cardiac specialist, who performed the world’s first human heart transplant with his brother Chris. As a result of her hospital work, she developed a deep understanding of the integration of body systems and the effect that infection, surgery and trauma can have on it. She has lectured worldwide on the subject of blunt and penetrating chest trauma.

On returning to the UK she became part of the Senior Management Team at Dudley Road Hospital in Birmingham and completed a masters programme in Organisation Development, developing a specialism in change management. This resulted in her setting up her own business to work primarily in the corporate private sector on leadership, team and personal coaching and organisational development. This she ran successfully for 15 years, but then developed a passion for working more holistically, when choosing to support children who had learning difficulties. She completed a 3 year Nutritional Diploma at the prestigious Institute for Optimum Nutrition in 2013, to further develop her knowledge of integrated Functional Medicine and in particularly energy systems, having experienced chronic fatigue herself. For her achievements as a student she was awarded the final year student prize for Clinical Excellence reflecting her work in clinic.

She now runs Optimal Energy Nutrition an integrated nutritional and coaching business for people with chronic illnesses, Lyme, auto-immune conditions, ME/CFS, Chronic Fatigue, stress related conditions and chronic exhaustion obesity, skin conditions and hormonal issues with clinics in London and Bedford and Marlow.