Treatments for CFS/ME…

At Bedford Integrative Health Centre we offer a multi-practitioner approach to the treatment of CFS/ME. We realise that there is no single solution to CFS and so we offer a range of treatments which work together to complement each other. We have called this treatment approach Bedford Phoenix Programme, in recognition of the fact that many patients emerge from treatment not only healthier, but also transformed.

Sorrel Pindar, who is a registered osteopath and well-being coach, offers the Perrin Technique, a specialist osteopathic treatment which helps to improve the functioning of the lymphatic system and supports the drainage of toxins from the body tissues and the brain. Sorrel also offers coaching to ME patients, as part of a programme alongside the Perrin Technique.

We have two nutritionist, Anna Pugh and Helen Olphin. Whichever one you see, she will assess the functioning of your internal systems including hormonal, digestive and liver, and immune systems. The nutritionist will then recommend dietary changes to help support these systems and to help maximise the production of energy in your body. She may also recommend certain supplements to work alongside these dietary changes. Read more about nutritional therapy for M.E...

Counselling is also available to ME patients at the centre. Counselling can help patients deal with trauma or bereavement, but also help them cope with the adjustment that is necessary if they are to recover from ME.

The staff at BIHC also work with a number of other practitioners outside the centre who have experience of working with CFS/ME patients, for instance yoga teacher Racheall Monton.

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