The best recommendations come from satisfied patients. Here are just a few.

Having undergone many tests from the doctors which came to no conclusion, it was suggested that chronic fatigue syndrome was the answer to my constant tiredness. After reading about the Perrin Technique, it appealed to me as it sounded like a very practical treatment. So I booked a free consultation which concluded I had ME…

Before finding the Bedford Integrative Health Centre, I struggled a lot with day to day life. I was drained, depressed and fed up with the pain my body was holding. I tried counselling, thinking it was purely mental health issues but I always had a certainty it was not that. The pain in my body after a day of work was agonising and it made me miserable, affecting my relationships, wellbeing and physical health. My work was severely affected too, cutting to 2-3 days a week. So when I started attending my weekly appointments with sorrel, I was very committed to try my best at the advice she gave me. She gave me daily exercises to do as well as my own version of the Perrin Technique which was very easy to learn.  Sorrel also gave me coaching sessions which helped with dealing with my emotions during that time. I was given a consultation with a nutritionist too called Anna who gave me loads of helpful advice. Supplements were also recommended which have helped hugely, and I still swear by them today. After 6 months, I started feeling a lot better- first with my mental health, then with my motivation and energy.

Today, 9 months later, I feel like a completely different person. I have a lot more motivation, energy and purpose to my days and I feel much happier.

Izzy Dodd

I began suffering with Chronic Fatigue when I was 16, after a bout of Glandular Fever, and I first saw Sorrel in my early 20’s, when I had just started working fulltime and was finding it challenging. Sorrel reviewed my symptoms, examined me, and proposed a treatment which, with some home work (which she carefully went through), made a big difference to my life. I wasn’t cured overnight, but slowly and surely, a big improvement was clear. Some years after treatment stopped, I relapsed and visited Sorrel again. I found the same attentive, enthusiastic Sorrel as before, who listened carefully, offered expert advice, and through treatment, helped my body bounce back to health. Sorrel has lots of knowledge and experience of Chronic Fatigue, and I found the symptom reviews and advice offered before the treatment just as useful as the treatment itself. I can completely and without hesitation recommend Sorrel.


I don’t know how to put it into words really but I shall try. When I first started seeing Sorrel in 2010 I was a mess physically and mentally, within 2 sessions with her we had figured out that I potentially had CFS/ME & Fibromyalgia. She used the Perrin technique with me and the results were great. I was able to continue working for a few more years. Sorrel really listens to every detail and works on the areas which are causing trouble.

We are currently trying the OldPain2Go method which works with the conscious and unconscious mind.

My whole mindset regarding pain has been changed with Sorrel’s wonderful approach to dealing with living with sometimes a debilitating array of conditions.

I highly recommend Sorrel.

Jennie Desmond

Sorrel was recommended to me because I had M.E. and was barely able to stay awake for more than a couple of hours each day. She has always been very patient, kind and understanding. As well as my treatment she has suggested life style changes and web sites to read about current research. I am so grateful for all the treatment and support Sorrel has given me, it really has changed my life.

Carol Lowther

For twenty years I have suffered from ME and experienced the most debilitating symptoms . After six treatments with Sorrel, I now have relief from muscle pain and my energy levels have increased. In the friendly environment of her consulting room, I am free to express my health related concerns and issues. This I am sure is also contributing to my recovery.

Patricia Clarke

I went to see Sorrel after 8 years of suffering with recurrent infections leading into M.E symptoms. My mum and I had tried so many paths to get me better. I started visiting Sorrel in the summer of 2007 and I have now been well for over a year, although Ihave had a couple of infections I managed to recover quickly,this is incredible for me as I have struggled to overcome many viruses, with the common cold taking weeks to budge. Currently I am finishing off my A levels and I will be attending university in the summer. I am thrilled at the thought of being able to live a healthy ‘normal’ life. Sorrel has been a great support not only with teaching me the massage techniques but she has shown great care and has always had a genuine interest in my health and me. I am very thankful for all of her help and i know that she would always be there if i had a relapse with my condition.

April, 19, Student

I had been suffering from ME for 20 years, when I first came to see Sorrel. I felt improvement immediately after the first treatment and my ME symptoms have improved significantly after two months of treatment. I would thoroughly recommend Sorrel to anyone.

M Humberstone

Having tried many things in order to recover from 4 years of ME (traditional medicine = no help, homeopathy = up and down results, Reverse Therapy = nothing other than short term feeling of improvement which may well have been psychological, Cognitive Therapy = no long term benefit), I was getting more and more disheartened.

Then I read the Perrin Technique book following an article my parents had seen in the Daily Mail which said “Could a detox massage cure ME?” . I remember the article’s title almost exactly because since then, Perrin has helped me enormously.

From the first session (which initially knocked me for 6), there has been a consistent and continued improvement from what on the face of it, is just a basic and non-invasive massage. I am now capable of even riding my bike for a good few miles, something which was little more than a dream only a year ago.

I am confident that between a combination of Sorrel’s treatment of me and my own sensible and gauged return to activity, that in the not too distant future the active life I had long thought I’d lost will be returned to me to a large extent if not completely.”

David Wilson, 36, Coach Transport Coordinator for large Travel Company

After a long distressing marriage, a very stressful job and finally a divorce, I became very tired and could sleep all day as well as night. I was very tired all the time so went to the doctor who just said it was due to long term stress and it would gradually go, but it didn’t. I then saw an advertisement from Sorrel with all the symptoms I was suffering from and saying that it was probably early signs of M.E.

Her treatment, the Perrin Technique™ involved massaging and exercises and eating the right foods, but after 3 months I felt so much better.

I have now returned to work as I like to be busy and I go jiving with my partner two or three times a month.

I am so glad I saw that advertisement.

Valerie Swan, 67