The best recommendations come from satisfied patients. Here are just a few.

My back is great… I really appreciate all your help. With both my back and the advice my life in general. Currently eating better, exercising more. Thanks again, Barney

Barney Cleary

I had been suffering a bit of bearable back pain for about four days when, helping to erect a gazebo, I bent down and felt pain so severe that it felt as though I had been stabbed in the lower back. The pain continued with every move I made so my son took me to the Putnoe Drop-In Medical Centre (it was a Saturday and I was in Newmarket!). There a Doctor said my back was in spasms and issued me with pain killers and Diazepam.

A few days later I was able to move enough to begin my treatment with Sorrel. I parked my car in Greyfriars Car Park and made the rest of the way on foot. I had to stop and sit down at least three times before making it to Sorrel’s Clinic. After the first appointment I was able to move more freely and with a sufficient reduction in pain.

I continued my treatment (5 appointments) over the next 3 months. I am now completely cured. I have resumed my normal activities; including gardening, attending sporting events and twice weekly visits to the local Gym. However I do confess that I still suffer from ‘old age’, something that even the highly gifted Sorrel cannot change!

I would highly recommend Sorrel to anyone with any sort of muscle/back pain.

Rob Hall

I had been experiencing back pain for some years and I knew that I had scoliosis and thought that as I am now 82, it ‘was to be expected’ that it would give me pain. My husband had received treatment from Sorrel – and found it very helpful – and so he persuaded me that I should try having treatment. I went on holiday after two sessions and was delighted to have no back pain – and felt no need to take pain killers for the first time in ages. I continue to feel better and am experiencing very much less back pain now.


I would like to thank Sorrel for helping me with my back. Her approach is gentle and supportive which helps with enabling the body to heal itself. I was given an app which gave me exercises to do every day which helped with stretching the inflamed area.
Thanks again

Sue Fletcher

Sorrel has recently helped me with various issues I have had over the last 7 years. I hae fibromyalgia/C.F.S./M.E. and the use of the Perrin Technique has been incredibly helpful.

Recently I have had problems with my right shoulder/arm/hand and within a few months it’s back to normal. I had problems lifting and holding anything, I can now do it again.

Sorrel has helped with my lymphatic system too which has been very sluggish. My whole body feels refreshed and able to function properly again.

Jennie Desmond

I had a lot of pain in my shoulder and found it difficult to carry out every day activities, such as lifting. Sorrel was able to see me very quickly. I could see immediate improvements after the first appointment and things improved immensely through the course of treatments. Many thanks Sorrel.

Hemanth Rao

My problem was a stiff neck after having it jarred by my dog. It was easy to get an appointment with Sorrel. I looked her up on the internet to ensure I was going to be treated by someone with a good reputation. I found her to be very thorough in the taking of my medical history making me feel relaxed about the information I was giving.

I did have pain which was very uncomfortable, stopping me from moving my head to the left. The manipulation of my neck was well done and not too painful. I was given exercises to do after each session which freed up the neck. I only needed a few sessions and am now pain free.

Sorrel was very professional and explained everything thoroughly in layman’s terms making it easy for me to understand.

I would recommend her to anyone asking me about the way I was treated, and thank her very much for improving my body posture too.

Joyce Shilladay

My back pain was getting to the point where i was uncomfortable all day, and sitting for long periods was torture. Sorrel has not only remedied the pain completely, she has also shown me how to maintain my progress and avoid back pain in the future. THANK YOU!

Katie Churchill

I had been used to osteopathic treatment in Lancashire prior to moving to Bedford in 2013, so I know when I have received good treatment – Sorrel provides just that. She is knowledgeable, experienced, has a good touch, positive, thorough and caring.
Sorrel noted my past history & built on it in order to give me the (treatments) I needed. She is approachable, she explains procedures and she listens. I trust her and would have no hesitation in recommending her.
I’m glad to have her as my practitioner.

J.S. Duncan

Before seeing Sorrel, I was in a lot of pain, mainly back pain. I was unable to sit down for long periods, unable to do most leisure activities and even had trouble sleeping. After having had a number of treatments, I can say that I’m honestly now feeling much much better and am once again able to do all the things/activities I love and have always been able to do in the past. I would recommend Sorrel to anyone experiencing pains or discomforts as she can really make a difference.

Rob Sirchia

I initially visited Sorrel Pinder to buy a Goldilocks pillow which proved to be a great success. I had been having shoulder and neck problems for a few months and after a few unsuccessful physiotherapist appointments I finally decided to consult an osteopath and made my first appointment with Sorrel. The initial examination and diagnosis were thorough and I began to feel the difference after a couple of treatments. I am now pain-free and believe that the treatment has also helped my regular headaches and migraines. It has been a very positive experience and I would recommend this treatment to anyone experiencing back, neck and shoulder problems.


Due to a persistent neck pain over that last 10 years and after trying other osteopaths without success I was recommend to see Sorrel, what can I say except that this lady has healing hands! Due for my last session next week! Highly recommended.

Kim Isham

I have always been fit and active and have a great interest in health and diet. Three years ago, I was out walking in Wales and suffered severe pain in my back. By the time I got home I was in agony and my left leg had lost all sensation. At hospital I was examined, and was given anti-inflammatories and pain-killers. For two weeks I couldn’t stand. I slowly regained a little of my fitness over the next year, but was still in pain daily and my leg was still numb. My GP told me that I would never recover. I couldn’t accept this so I visited a chiropracter who tried, but could not help.

Finally I found Sorrel’s advert and booked a treatment. I saw her maybe six or seven times and she worked on the tight muscles in my back and neck. She also gently manipulated the tendons at the back of my knee where I also had pain. Each visit helped to restore my back and leg to the extent that when I stopped seeing Sorrel my back was pain-free and my leg regained about 70% of feeling. Sorrel’s gentle treatments and caring attitude put me well on the way to full recovery.

After my last visit to Sorrel I returned to Wales and victoriously climbed Snowdon! I now visit the gym every day and can swim, cycle and run with the vigour I had three years ago. Thank you Sorrel!

Claire Rhys-Jones, 49, Cruse Counsellor and Reiki Practitioner

I work at a tree nursery, which is a physically demanding job. Four years prior to seeing Sorrel I sustained an injury to my lower back whilst lifting a heavy tree. Initially the pain was excruciating and left me unable to move. The pain subsided but left my back aching and feeling stiff. Soon after the accident I went to see my G.P. and he diagnosed it as a muscle injury, prescribing anti-inflammatories. This reduced the pain partially but not completely. I went back to work but the injury re-occurred intermittently. Each time I went to see the GP, I was given a variety of diagnoses including a viral cause and given more anti-inflammatories. My back got progressively worse, and had spread throughout my lower body. I went to see a physiotherapist recommended by my boss. I was given a variety of exercises and the correct diagnosis, a partially slipped disc. However these exercises did not entirely solve the problem. At this time I saw Sorrel’s advert in the local paper and decided to give osteopathy a try.

Sorrel gave me a complete check up and correctly diagnosed the problem. She suggested I should refrain from work for two weeks, to enable my spine to recover, together with the spinal manipulation, which helped to re-align my spine. The pain gradually reduced and became more localised. Sorrel suggested some precise exercises, which worked on this region very effectively. I would now say that my back has improved entirely. Considering the long term nature of my injury, I have been very impressed and surprised by the results, which have improved my quality of life considerably.

Stephen Marley, 40

I am a classroom and games teacher at a school in Bedfordshire and had suffered from back pain and poor posture for a number of years. The problems first began in the early nineties when I pinched a disc whilst carrying a heavy suitcase. Bending down to mark books and to speak to pupils added to the pain.

I contacted Sorrel after a period of ignoring the problem due to the pressures of work. She examined my back and posture and set about relieving the pressure on certain muscles and loosening my stiff vertebrae. I welcomed the immediate relief from the tension and Sorrel made me aware of the importance of a proper posture. After a series of sessions, it became easier and less painful to exercise and since then I have been able to keep my body flexible by regular exercise.

Jason S, 34, Teacher

I first came to see Sorrel due to ongoing back problems following the birth of my children & lifting heavy boxes during a house move. I had seen other Osteopaths before but Sorrel was different. Sorrel used very gentle manipulative techniques to stabilise and improve my back condition. In addition she has provided me with back exercises which have helped to strengthen my back.

Actually her knowledge extends far beyond just my back. More recently when running I damaged my achilles tendon; Sorrel gave me practical advice and treatment which helped to cure this injury. As a result of overworking my shoulders I suffered calcification and Sorrel’s practical advice and treatment helped in alleviating that too.

I see Sorrel a few times a year to ensure I’m looking after my back as I should. Quite frankly she is the best Osteopath I’ve worked with and would highly recommend her.

Divindra Bains, 42, Self employed

I organise large conferences overseas within a small team in a charity. As the stress of deadlines get to me sometimes, I forget to take care of myself, including my back. I went to see Sorrel after developing severe lower back pain. After a few sessions with Sorrel, my pain stopped and I felt much better.

As well as relaxing my muscles, Sorrel gave me exercises to do and explained how to improve my posture, as well as how to sit at my desk and swim properly in order to reduce strain on my back. This was of immense help in the long-term as I got rid of bad habits which could have made more damage to my back.

Sorrel is also a very reassuring and calming person, which helped a lot to reduce my stress levels as well as help with the back pain itself. It is really nice to be healed by someone who cares about your long-term well being as much as the immediate relief of pain.

Angeline, 33, Conference organiser

When I finally plucked up the courage to seek Sorrel’s help, I had been suffering from increasingly bad back pain for approximately two years. As a teacher of primary aged children, all the bending down, communicating with young children at their level, had taken its toll. My mobility was very poor and the constant pain was beginning to limit my actions.

Despite being very apprehensive, sessions with Sorrel began to bring about noticeable improvements in my mobility and after a short while I realised that I wasn’t constantly aware of pain.“Now my situation has improved to such an extent that I can concentrate on becoming fit and have joined a gym. In my previous condition, this would have been impossible and I would have continued to head down an unhealthy spiral due to the debilitating back pain. Now with Sorrel’s help, I look forward to a healthier, fitter and pain-free future.

Viv U

After a long distressing marriage, a very stressful job and finally a divorce, I became very tired and could sleep all day as well as night. I was very tired all the time so went to the doctor who just said it was due to long term stress and it would gradually go, but it didn’t. I then saw an advertisement from Sorrel with all the symptoms I was suffering from and saying that it was probably early signs of M.E.

Her treatment, the Perrin Technique™ involved massaging and exercises and eating the right foods, but after 3 months I felt so much better.

I have now returned to work as I like to be busy and I go jiving with my partner two or three times a month.

I am so glad I saw that advertisement.

Valerie Swan, 67

In June 2012 my 93 year old aunt needed continual help using the toilet, and as a result of trying to help her I severely damaged muscles in my back, which went into long and painful spasms. A friend recommended I try Sorrel Pindar – which I did in November – and just wish I had not waited so long since she has been able to free me from spasms and I have much better mobility in my back again.

Margaret Baker, 58