Conditions We Treat With Osteopathy…

Osteopaths have traditionally been known for treating back pain and sciatica, but in fact we treat a wide range of conditions, from tennis elbow to migraine. Quite often where conventional medicine can only offer pain-killers and anti-inflammatory pills, osteopaths can treat the cause of the problem and reduce the need for pain-killers.

Wherever the function of the body is affected by the condition of the musculo-skeletal system, osteopathy has a role to play in restoring health. Osteopaths have become well known for treating back problems because they are so good at it. However, osteopathy is also suitable for some internal dysfunctions such as period pain and irritable bowel syndrome. The musculo-skeletal system provides a framework for the body’s network of nerves, blood vessels and lymphatics. It also provides physical support for the internal organs.

The health of the musculo-skeletal system therefore has a direct effect on the health of the rest of the body. Osteopathic treatment aimed at improving the mechanics of the body automatically influences such things as blood and nerve supply as well as activity of the internal organs. It is because of this that osteopathy, as well as treating the more obvious headaches, joint problems, sports injuries and postural strains, can also be used in the treatment of less obvious conditions such as asthma, digestive disorders, menstrual problems and chronic fatigue syndrome.

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