Have you got the right-size pillow?

One size does not fit all

80% of us sleep on more than one pillow, instinctively trying to achieve alignment and comfort and so better sleep. Ideally we should sleep on one pillow that is the correct height for us and keeps us aligned throughout the night. When this pillow needs replacing we should be able to confidently buy the right pillow again. Until now this has not been possible, but that has changed with the introduction of Goldilocks Pillows.

Evolution of the humble pillow

We are used to buying shoes, clothes and other items according to SIZE because we know we are different shapes and build. Now we can do the same with our pillows. Find out what “PILLOW SIZE” you are (size 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5). Then buy just one pillow, to sleep on, knowing that it is the right height for you and that it will keep you aligned better than any other pillow.

Simple logic

We lie down for about 1/3 of our lives. By ensuring that you are lying on a bed and pillow that is helping your alignment you are investing in your own health. The right height pillow takes the guesswork out of which pillow and how many pillows you need. Find out more..

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