The best recommendations come from satisfied patients. Here are just a few.

I’m eating less without trying to

I’m drinking less alcohol without missing it

I have lost 5lbs over the two months

I have reduced cravings and feel more alive

A selection of comments from clients about weight loss

I feel less stressed and more positive

I feel more in control and am looking after myself in a way I haven’t before

You gave reassuring advice

I’m making a conscious effort to prepare for the day ahead and drink more water

I am better equipped to understand which foods help reduce stress

A selection of comments from clients about stress

I used to pick every bug up in the office but have not been ill this autumn

My doctor has been fully supportive of your advice

I have had no repeated flare-ups

The pain in my joints has improved

I’m usually ill but haven’t been this autumn

I’m delighted with the reduction in joint pain

My digestion has improved and I haven’t had to use indigestion medication

A selection of comments from clients regarding general health

I am sleeping better at night

I am sleeping better and there’s been improvement all round

I sleep like a log now and feel good in the mornings

I don’t get exhausted mid-afternoon any more

I have more energy

I’ve stopped being hungry and irritable mid morning and mid afternoon

If I stray off the dietary advice I notice I become grumpy

I’m happier in myself and my energy levels have improved

Huge improvement in energy levels

I feel more alert in the mornings and not so tired in the evenings

I have more energy and my recovery after exercise is better

A selection of comments from clients regarding tiredness and energy

In April of this year, I undertook the challenge of my life by running 8 marathons in 8 consecutive days finishing with the London marathon on April 22nd.

The year before in 2011, I had run my first ever marathon and had been given the usual advice of having a good breakfast, carbohydrate loading the evening before and making sure I was well hydrated throughout the run. I took this advice, and found myself needing to stop half way through to make use of the toilet facilities provided. Not only was this uncomfortable but it also disrupted my run, and I took a long time to get back into my running rhythm.

Therefore, when Anna Pugh was recommended to me and subsequently volunteered her services to help with my charity challenge I was extremely thankful. I had my first consultation with Anna a good three months before my challenge was due to begin. Now I must admit that beforehand I had wondered how this was going to work, as those who know me, know that I love my food, and that I am not the best advert for how a runner’s shape would typically be thought of. I was not looking forward to being told that I would have to give up my favourite foods and eat nothing but vegetables and rice!

I had nothing to fear though. Anna took me through the very basics of good nutrition and the importance of well balanced meals, fat and carbs do have their place apparently, which looked good to me. I started to substitute some of my snacks for foods such as blueberries and cashew nuts, and started to eat more fish (without batter!) Just making small changes like these and getting more fruit juice and water into me, started to make me feel better in myself and certainly started to show in helping me with my training.

I saw Anna a couple more times and started to discuss my refuelling strategies for both during the runs and in between them as well. I had previously used carb gels and had done well on them, so Anna saw not reason to stop using them. This was going to see me through each run along with drinking plenty of water, but we still needed to sort out what I was going to eat in between runs as well. Again, Anna came up with some good suggestions as to what I could eat, without just having to eat pasta all the time. As well as food, Anna also sorted out some sport multi-vitamins and recovery drinks for me, the latter were of definite benefit too as I didn’t notice any significant drops in my energy levels after each marathon.

All in all, I think that getting good nutritional advice definitely helped me through my challenge both leading up to it and during. In all honesty, I can say that I never really suffered from lack of energy during the challenge itself, tiredness yes, soreness yes, but I never felt completely drained at any time, and still felt good at the end of the eight days. I lost approximately 10lbs during the first 5 days of the challenge, and then maintained that weight for the next 3 days. This seemed to suit me quite well and I was certainly comfortable in my running.

I also have to say that I have carried on with some of the nutritional aspects that we started at that time and do feel good for them. I would have to say that if you are considering taking on a physical challenge which involves endurance, getting good nutritional advice would be a good way to go. My heartfelt thanks go to Anna for all her help and support throughout.

Jayson Shaw

Ran 8 marathons in 8 days April 15th -22nd 2012 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation(JDRF)

www. Justgiving.com/jayson-shaw8in8

Jayson Shaw, Marathon Training