Is your job giving you a pain in the neck?

If your job is giving you pain in the neck or your lower back, there are a few things you can do to help. None of these on their own is likely to fix the problem, but if you do as much as you can, you should see a difference.

stressed at work

  1. Get a workstation health check – make sure you have had your workstation assessed
  2. Sit up – keep an eye on your posture and aim to sit with your bottom and your back against the back of your chair
  3. Fidget! Yes really – moving around will keep your blood flowing in and out of your tissues
  4. Stand up and be counted – instead of sitting still for too long, get up every half hour to stretch and walk around if only for one minute.
  5. Try some office yoga. There are some great stretches for desk workers here. There are even some stretches for RSI.

Unfortunately neck and shoulder pain and low back pain can also arise when you are stressed or under pressure, no matter how good your workstation and posture are. If this is the case, you could benefit from daily exercise and mindfulness meditation, as they help to reduce the body’s stress response.

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