How can I get a diagnosis of M.E.?

Are you tired all the time, suffering from brain fog or memory loss, or pain? Do you get a lot of sore throats or you keep catching colds which go on for weeks? Or you wake up in the morning feeling like you’ve hardly slept? Perhaps you have widespread muscle or joint pain. If you answer yes to many of these symptoms then you may well be suffering from M.E. This illness, (also known as chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS), affects people from the age of eight up to 80+.

If you go to your GP complaining of symptoms like these, you may have to wait months for a diagnosis. NICE guidelines state that the diagnosis of M.E. is possible once the patient has been ill for four months. However there is no blood test for M.E. This means your doctor can only give you a diagnosis by ruling out everything else. This takes a long time as it requires a lot of blood tests.

Is there an alternative way of diagnosing M.E.?

Actually there is an alternative to the standard NHS procedure. The Perrin Technique was specially developed to treat patients with CFS/ME, and it includes a diagnostic procedure. In the initial consultation, I will take a thorough medical history and then examine you for certain signs.

If you have all four of these signs we can be quite sure you have ME. If you have none of them, then we know there is something else wrong. If you have two or three of the signs, we base the diagnosis on the examination and the medical history.

Research conducted last year at the University of Central Lancashire has shown that these signs are found in most patients with the disorder. However they did not find the signs in most healthy subjects. Even better news is that with this procedure diagnosis is possible well before the four months. This means that even if you have been ill for only three or four weeks, I can  check you for CFS/ME and if the signs are present, we can start treatment right away. An early start to treatment means you will get better more quickly.

The Perrin Technique

Dr Perrin’s book, The Perrin Technique: how to beat chronic fatigue syndrome/ME

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