The best recommendations come from satisfied patients. Here are just a few.

I’m not generally a believer in alternative therapies however faced with the pure terror of an upcoming planned general anaesthetic I visited Sam partly on recommendations and my own experience of knowing her personally. I went in fixated on every negative regarding both my visit to Sam and how she could possibly help and my upcoming operation and came out unable to even string those negative thoughts back together into a coherent argument – Don’t ask me how it works I’m still trying to figure that one out but I assure you it did.


Had a great Kinesiology session with Samantha about the direction my business needed to go in. I got my answer which I’m really happy about, just need to make it happen now. Thanks Samantha!

Sue Lang

Samantha has been made a huge difference to my daughters eczema, identifying some emotional issues and working with breaking habits. She has so much patience and is great with children – my daughter constantly fidgets and has a low boredom threshold – she deserves a medal in my eyes!

Tara Goldsmith

I don’t know how you do it but the eczema on my left arm is almost 100% gone and assuming it does what the right arm did I will be eczema free by the weekend!

Laura Shave

If I had to sum up how I would describe my HK experience with Samantha in just one word, I would say mind-blowing. A few years ago I unexplainably developed two small but very ‘angry’ patches of eczema on my arms which in spite of treatment, including steroid creams, continued to grow and grow. I had almost accepted that these were now just part of me, and I would have to try and manage them as best as I could, when Samantha and her kinesiology treatment were recommended to me.

At this point, I should probably say that I was somewhat cynical (please read this as VERY CYNICAL), but having exhausted all other avenues I decided to give it a go. Best decision ever! After just one session, I could see the results, with the patch on my right arm significantly reducing. Fast forward a few treatments and both patches of eczema have totally gone and show no signs of returning.

I can’t explain why or even how it worked, I just know that it did, and as a result of that success I’m hopeful that Samantha can now help me with my hayfever and newly acquired cat allergies!

I would highly recommend trying HK and seeing if Samantha, or as I like to call her – The Elbow Whisperer, can work her magic for you.

L Shave

I had Kinesiology back last year and I can honestly say, I’ve never looked back. I doubted it would work at first but I have been astounded by the results ever since. I would thoroughly recommend Samantha Sutherland and Kinesiology to anybody.

Here’s my story in brief – I had huge confidence issues being a new motorbike rider and no matter how much I tried to overcome this, my head wouldn’t let me. I spoke to a friend who recommended Kinesiology and after one session with Samantha, the difference was unbelievable. I deliberately hadn’t told my husband anything about this and the next time we rode out, his first comment, still completely unaware, was that my riding was unbelievable and he was stunned at the difference in comparison to the previous ride. I was happily cornering, not panicking about holding car drivers up and had a confidence and a ‘can do attitude’ that I can only put down to Kinesiology because I had done nothing else. I even didn’t ride for 2 weeks to ensure it wasn’t a case of ‘mind over matter’, something definitely changed!

My confidence has continued to grow and I’ve never looked back – I even rode to the Isle of Man and round the TT course with thousands of other bikers and felt that I actually belonged on my bike 🙂 I have to admit that I did have my doubts as to whether this would work or not but I think the story speaks for itself.

If you are not convinced, try it before you write it off. Thank you Samantha – and thank you Kinesiology 🙂


I took my daughter for Kinesiology who is 14 months old. She wasn’t sleeping in her own cot, and would only sleep in my husbands arms and then in our bed when we went to bed. We tried controlled crying, but this to make her much more anxious and actually the bed times were getting much more traumatic for her (and us!)

I took my daughter to see Samantha, on Tuesday morning. At evening we started the bedtime routine, bath, story, milk…..and took her to bed. Yes, she cried, but not to the extent that she had been. And after 5 minutes fell asleep. She slept all night…..waking up the next morning in such a beautiful mood!! Last night we did the exact same thing, and yes, she fell straight asleep, anda again, slept all night!

I cannot recommend HK

enough, may husband and I are so grateful and thankful that we Tom our daughter to see Samantha! It really has changed our lives! (And got our bed back!!!!)

E Chase

Health Kinesiology what? That was my first reaction when I heard about it…it is now the one therapy I would consider for anything. I’m separated and my 2 year old daughter kept wetting herself after a weekend with her Daddy. My instinct was she was missing him, change in routine, emotions etc. When I asked her why she wasn’t using the toilet ‘I miss Daddy’ was the answer. As a mother I felt immense guilt and the only thing I knew how to make things better for her was through time and love.

I broached the matter with Samantha Sutherland, Health Kinesiologist, thinking I wonder if HK would work for this…Samantha said it may take a few sessions…

One session later and my gorgeous daughter hasn’t had an accident since. Its not just that, she is more settled in herself. Naturally my daughter may become unsettled again and I would not hesitate to take her back to Samantha. 

I would add that my daughter was great during the session whereas I thought she might be alarmed…not at all. Samantha demonstrates patience, confidence in herself and HK and the session was very calming on everyone!

In my words: ‘its freaky stuff that freakily works!’ My own experiences have been beneficial too and I am seeing Samantha in a few weeks re my hayfever…watch this space!


Dylan is seven and received a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder shortly after his fourth birthday. After an initial chat with Samantha we agreed that Dylan needed help with his emotions, which were up and down frequently. He had enough going on with stress/pressure from life with autism and if there was anything else in his way to manage every day life with less stress that was the way forward.

Dylan and Samantha worked excellently and overnight Dylan gained self confidence with a bully at school (this covered a period of three years from pre school through to Year 1), his stress with his bed covers at night not being right were less frequent (from every night to just asking if I could do his covers right, without any tears or frustration from him) to saying ‘I love you Mummy’ (which although cuddles are frequent from Dylan, those words are quite rare).

Dylan has had two more sessions and each time I have witnessed Dylan be more settled with himself, and in himself following treatment. While HK, or any other therapy, does not cure Autism, it certainly improved Dylan’s life and I consider it a therapy that will be implemented on a regular basis for Dylan.

HK is far from intrusive, gentle in its nature and powerful in its results!