Christmas Reflections: What are Your Achievements this Year?

Christmas and New Year is usually the time when people start thinking about what they are going to achieve next year, change next year and do better next year. Although this is useful, what we often forget to do is reflect on the past year. If we give some time to consider our achievements and accomplishments, no matter how insignificant, we could be pleasantly surprised. The results of such reflection could even change those ‘next year’ promises or focus them better so they are achievable and make a real difference.

notebook, pen & mug

To see how you have done in 2015 consider the following questions. The answers don’t have to be big, a success could simply involve keeping your promise to yourself to only having two cups of coffee a day or climbing the stairs instead of taking the lift.

So, grab your favourite cuppa, a piece of paper and pen and take time to consider the following:

• What have been your personal successes?
• What are you particularly proud of?
• What words would ‘others’ (clients, colleagues, friends, family?) use to describe you?
• What have you found fulfilling this year?
• What would you like more, or less of, in 2016?
• Looking back on the reflecting time you’ve just taken, what have you realised?

I bet you’ll be surprised at how much you have achieved. Now with this information you can set your goals for 2016 knowing that when you reflect again next Christmas it’s going to be even more awesome.

Samantha Sutherland, BIHC health kinesiologist

Categories: Kinesiology.