Health Kinesiology

Health Kinesiology is a powerful form of energy healing and a complementary approach to western medicine. Our natural energy system (Chi) is easily affected by stress and can become unbalanced as a result. Chemical toxins, injury, operations, negative thinking, relationships, grief and shock etc. can all cause stress on our energy system.

Imagine your energy system is a comprehensive road system; when something goes wrong on one road other roads become affected also. Using this imagery, Health Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring to identify the ‘road blocks’, what order to clear them and how best to clear them. Acupressure is then used to actually remove the ‘road blocks’ and restore balance and harmony within the road system. Ultimately, Health Kinesiology identifies and corrects a blocked or disturbed energy pattern and releases it using a combination of acupressure alongside thoughts, touch, magnets or actions.

Health Kinesiology works in the specific areas needed to help you achieve your goal, whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual in nature. Health Kinesiology is so gentle that it is suitable for all ages from newborn to those post-retirement and as muscle testing is used to plan a session, every session is guaranteed to be tailor made.

Disclaimer: Health Kinesiology is non diagnostic and does not claim to cure. Medical treatment should be sought at all times should you have concerns.