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  1. Marian

    I have heard this theory before, I also live my life very much to that tune (my friends even call me the chilled one) which is probably why I have no illness, fatigue or stress. I recommend everyone to try it!

  2. jennie Desmond

    That makes a lot of sense. With having fibromyalgia and CFS it has taken many years to learn to do something very similar.
    I still do to some extent ignore what my body is telling me and I do suffer the consequences. I think the key is listen to my body.

  3. Buy Authentic Phentermine Online

    Hmm it seems like your blog ate my first comment (it was extrеmely long) so
    I guess I’ll ϳust sum it up what I had writtеn and say, I’m thߋroughly enjoying your blog.

    I too ɑm an aspiгing blog writer bᥙt I’m still new to eνerything.
    Do yоu have any ρoints for beginner blog writers? I’d certainly appreciate it.

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