Sinus drainage massage

I hardly know anyone who hasn’t had a cold during the last month. And if you have had a cold you may be left with congested or even infected sinuses. Sinus congestion can lead to headaches, post-nasal drip and the irritating cough that accompanies it and just generally feeling rough. But you don’t have to put up with it. Sinus drainage is a really easy procedure that you can do at home. You just need somewhere you can lie down and five minutes of peace and quiet.

The massage is a bit like a song – it has verses and a chorus. So let’s start with the chorus:

Using the pads of your fingers and starting at the midline of your forehead, massage very gently sideways towards the side of your head and down just in front of your ears towards your neck. Finish off by stroking down your neck towards your collar bones. Do this on both sides of your face. Repeat three to four times.

Now do the same thing again, but starting at the bridge of your nose and stroking sideways over your cheekbones towards your ears, and then down towards your collarbones. Remember to do this on both sides of your face. Repeat three to four times (see fig 1.).

sinus drainage stage 1

Fig 1. The chorus (the diagram only shows one side of the face for each stage, but you need to do both sides.

These two steps are your chorus. Now for the first verse:

With the tips of your fingers tap lightly over your forehead, as if you were playing the piano, one note at a time (ie don’t tap with all your fingers at the same time; rather tap in sequence, a bit like making the sound of rain drops falling). Repeat this over your nose and cheekbones.

Then repeat the chorus.

The second verse is simply drawing circles around your eyes: Start at the inner end of your eyebrows and stroke along your eyebrows and then around underneath your eyes and back up the inner edges of your nose to reach the inner end of the eyebrows. Remember to keep the stroking light. (See fig 2.).

sinus drainage stage 2 & 3

Fig 2. The second and third verses

Now repeat the chorus.

The third verse is even simpler: press gently into the spot where your eyebrow meets the top of your nose and make tiny circular movements without moving over the skin. Do this for about 15-20 seconds. (See fig 2.).

Then repeat the chorus for the last time.

Lie still for a few minutes before doing anything else. And make sure you’re drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day!

Sorrel Pindar, Registered Osteopath & Health Coach

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