How to Survive Christmas

Christmas and New Year are supposed to give us time to stop, rest and reflect, but so often it seems to go by in a rush. Hopefully you are looking forward to the holidays, but it’s still worth having some things up your sleeve to help you survive the cooking, eating and entertaining of relatives – sorry that doesn’t mean cooking and eating relatives.

  1. Kewinter walkep active – there’s a lot of sitting around at Christmas time, so schedule a walk or three over the holidays. It probably won’t snow this year, bu if it rains, don’t be put off, just take an umbrella.

  2. Put something healthy on the table. The traditional Christmas bird (turkey, goose, duck, chicken) is packed with protein and fat-soluble vitamins, though turkey is leaner than duck or goose. If you’re going to stuff the bird, use less sausage meat and more cranberries, apricots, chestnuts and so forth – they make for a tastier and healthier stuffing. The vegetarian nut roast is also a healthy option with nuts being full of nutrients such as folic acid, niacin, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

  3. Keep your vitamin D levels up. Our levels of this vitamin drop in the winter due to the reduced sunlight, but it is important for the functioning of the immune system. So to avoid coming down with a cold during the holiday, start boosting vitamin D now. The best sources are oily fish, shiitake mushrooms and eggs. Perhaps these might make for a tasty Boxing Day dinner!

  4. Keep hydrated. Many symptoms, especially of the hangover variety, are largely due to dehydration, so put a jug of water on the table alongside your bottles of wine.

  5. If you have had a bit too much to drink and especially if you are feeling nauseous, take a mug of camomile tea to bed and sip it slowly.

  6. If the above fails, try the homeopathic remedy Nux vom, the no.1 homeopathic hangover cure. Available in pharmacies and health food shops.

  7. Make time for some meditation. This can help keep you sane when the family is proving to be too much!

Sorrel Pindar, osteopath and Kath Law, homeopath

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