Transformational coaching

  • Do you find yourself searching for something, but never able to find it?
  • Do you wish you were so much better than you are?
  • Do you set yourself goals and then when you achieve them it doesn’t seem enough?

If you feel like this, then you are in good company. It seems to be a very modern phenomenon, this searching and not finding. And yet what you are searching for is really not so far away.

Let me tell you the story of the Golden Buddha. About 600 years ago, there was a Buddhist temple in the kingdom of Ayutthaya in Siam, with a beautiful statue of the Buddha, made of solid gold. When the kingdom was invaded in the 18th century, the monks of that temple decided to protect the golden Buddha by covering it in stucco, in order to conceal its true value. The ruse worked and the invaders paid it no attention. As the years passed, the monks forgot that there was gold underneath the plaster. Then in the 1950s the decision was made to move the Buddha. During the attempt to lift the statue from its pedestal, the ropes broke, and the statue fell hard on the ground. The plaster cracked, revealing the gold hidden beneath it. The remaining plaster was removed and the Golden Buddha emerged into the light again.

We are all of us golden Buddhas covered with plaster. Our plaster is made of limiting beliefs, fears, unhappiness and anger. Transformation does not mean becoming something we are not; it does not even mean becoming a better version of ourselves; but instead removing those layers of “plaster” so that the golden Buddha can see the light again. That is not to say we can’t improve – we can all get better at doing what we love, whether it be painting, playing the piano, teaching or dentistry. But the important insight is that the engine of that improvement is already within us; that is the true self which is the source of insight, creativity, love, compassion.

Transformational coaching is about enabling you to peel away the limiting beliefs, fears and unhappiness, and helping you steer a course towards whatever destination you are seeking.

During the coaching, we explore the underlying assumptions, beliefs, values and expectations, that shape your experience of yourself, other people and the world. We will of course start with whatever problem or challenge brought you to caoching, but rather than focusing solely on resolving this, we will explore what underlies it, whilst also enabling the achievement of your objectives.

In transformational coaching I work with the client over a period of months. The time involved depends very much on what you bring to the table. We may start with an intensive session – a half-day or a full day. This is followed by coaching sessions, which are usually weekly or fortnightly, but will be scheduled to meet your needs.

If you would like to explore the possibilities with me, I offer a free discovery session. You can book this online here.

Typically coaching over three to six months costs between £750 and £1500, which is paid in monthly installments.

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