The best recommendations come from satisfied clients. Here are just a few.

I would like to say Sorrel revived me from ‘ death ‘ due to the debilitating  symptoms from a crippling fatigue, heart palpitations, severe depression, suicide ideation, loss of income. A battery of blood tests, HIV, Iron tests where done all coming clear which only compelled my doom

CSF – Chronic Fatigue syndrome – is a horrendous soul sapping affliction  that many people misunderstood and is rather lazily misconstrued as psychosomatic  by an underfunded medical industry. My Doctor laughed in my face when I told her my symptoms with her ignorant ‘cookie cutter approach’ to my health. The system only approach was to pump me full of anti – psychotics which just drove me further feelings of ending it all.

After a bout of diarhoea and nausea following a trip to Ibiza on a yoga retreat I came back experiencing nausea, loss of conscious, balance, pain all over my body, mind for falling asleep 15 hours a day never feeling restful.

I went from having a busy life and training atleast five – six days a week. To having to be spoon fed by my mother whilst unable to stay conscious.  Sorrel was the only person who .. despite paying hundreds in therapists .. who listened emphatically and didn’t judge me .

Her soothing words  and I remember saying rather nonchalantly ‘I can definitely help you’ I was a broken man and wept  uncontrollably in her office.

But her brilliant application of the Perrin Technique was revolutionary within nearly two months I was steadily getting better each day. Each week my stamina got better started to go gym and return to every day life. ( I followed your home exercises religiously).

Until one day it suddenly dawned on me I had healed.  It’s overwhelming and  pulls on my heart strings and resonates in my soul. All in all it took 6 sessions.  Over a period of two months. You saved me from a damning depression and existance.

I can proudly say that a full recovery has been made, work full time, back training 5-6 days a week, socialising, watching telly,  reading etc.

You saved me from being a depressed and physically impaired ‘couch’ potato. Sorrel and her midas touch got me back to full fitness.  I remember crying and watching / frantically researching CFS recovery stories with a demented zeal hoping to come across an answer to my prayers.

For several years I have worked in the social care sector helping the most socially disadvantaged people through psycho social support. I have worked since I was 15, paid into the system, university educated and if it was not for my desire and research into the Prrin Technique I would have been another statistic in the system. The one time I needed help I was left to rot .

You truly are a skilled practicioner with an empathy, grace, humanism that has truly humbled me. Eternally grateful.


Amit Shenmar

Sorrel coached me on the stress I was feeling trying to balance too many work and personal commitments. Through her gentle exploratory questions, it became clear I had become stuck in a pattern of over-committing, then getting overwhelmed by a fear of failure. With patience and persistence, Sorrel helped me see how my own thinking was creating the problem and helped me refocus on finding a way forward.

This is still a work in progress, but my main insight is to stay focused on my passion and purpose and use that to guide my decisions. It has been about saying no to some things to make space for what is really important, rather than feeling I have to say yes to feel better about myself.

Julie F

I went into coaching with an open mind about where it would lead me, but knowing that I wanted to approach life from a more confident and positive angle. Through meeting and talking with Sorrel on a regular basis, I have been able to embrace a new way of thinking and some tools to help me to maintain this. I am now better equipped to choose appropriate reactions to situations, that will build my own self-acceptance and self-worth. And I find that I am, barring the odd wobble, consistently more confident and positive than I was six months ago.


I started seeing Sorrel for coaching after a vitamin imbalance amplified some minor long term OCD and anxiety. Sorrel spent time listening and understanding my challenges, before proposing various techniques to help me. We worked through those techniques together over a number of sessions, and they made a real difference to me, and my life. I can recommend Sorrel without hesitation.


I don’t know how to put it into words really but I shall try. When I first started seeing Sorrel in 2010 I was a mess physically and mentally, within 2 sessions with her we had figured out that I potentially had CFS/ME & Fibromyalgia. She used the Perrin technique with me and the results were great. I was able to continue working for a few more years. Sorrel really listens to every detail and works on the areas which are causing trouble.

We are currently trying the OldPain2Go method which works with the conscious and unconscious mind.

My whole mindset regarding pain has been changed with Sorrel’s wonderful approach to dealing with living with sometimes a debilitating array of conditions.

I highly recommend Sorrel.

Jennie Desmond