The Rewind Technique – undoing trauma

One of the many amazing things I have learned in the last year is the Rewind Technique. This is a technique which helps to take the sting out of the memory of old traumas and it gets rid of phobias. It doesn’t abolish the memory, but it stops it from causing distress. So in a way, that memory becomes like an old episode of a crime drama which you have watched so many times you no longer find it even remotely scary. And phobias simply evaporate.

The Rewind Technique was developed out of an old NLP technique for getting rid of phobias. But the Rewind Technique takes the methodology one step further and ensures that the client is totally relaxed from the outset, so that they can watch the old memory in that relaxed state. The technique works by getting the client to watch the event in fast forward and fast rewind. This appears to mess up the neural pathways which hold the memory in the stage where it is associated with intense emotion. This allows it to be processed into an old painless memory.

Rewind Technique

I have used the Rewind Technique to help clients recover from the trauma of assault, multiple car accidents and bereavement, and even from travel sickness, and from phobias such as claustrophobia. Travel sickness is an interesting case as it is not so much a memory as a state of anxiety that leads to the nausea and sometimes to vomiting. By shifting the anxiety around travelling, we were able to make travel in cars, trains and even boats comfortable and nausea-free.

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