OldPain2Go® A New Method for Getting Rid of Chronic Pain

In November 2017 I travelled to Lincolnshire to learn a new method for working with patients who suffer from chronic pain. I have learned so much new stuff about pain in the last couple of years, but this is a real cherry on the cake. OldPain2Go® is based on the fact that pain is an experience created by the unconscious part of the brain (the unconscious mind) as an alarm signal. Sometimes the brain fails to switch the pain message off, even though there is no longer anything wrong.

In an OldPain2Go® session, the practitioner acts as an intermediary between your conscious mind and your unconscious.  If you have been in pain for more than three months, then you are suffering persistent or chronic pain and you might like to give this a try. I am offering OldPain2Go® sessions for £60 (which is half price) until the end of January – just mention this blog post. Typically OldPain2Go® only requires one session, so this is extremely good value. As I am an osteopath, I will also include a full osteopathic consultation and examination, which is included in the price.

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Why is OldPain2Go® so Effective?

The experience of pain is generated by the unconscious mind usually in response to an injury or inflammation (such as you get in arthritis). However sometimes the unconscious continues to run the pain programme when it is no longer needed. This can be for a variety of reasons and it may not even matter why. The good news is that using OldPain2Go® I am able to ask your unconscious mind to either switch off the pain altogether or turn it down to a level which is tolerable (say 2 or 3/10).

Imagine if you will that you have an arthritic knee. Every day your phone rings and when you answer, I am there on the line telling you “You do realise you have an arthritic knee, don’t you? You need to be careful.” After a week of this you’d be getting really fed up. But this is exactly what that pain is doing – it’s reminding you on a daily basis that you have arthritis in your knee.

The pain is like the telephone call, and it’s your unconscious mind which is making that call. If you could agree with your unconscious mind that you will be careful and look after your knee, then it might be willing to stop making that pain call. In most cases, the unconscious mind will turn the pain off altogether, knowing that if something new happens, it’s free to generate a new pain message, which you will listen to.


Arthritis, chronic low back pain, old injuries, fibromyalgia, and more, are all suitable for OldPain2Go®.

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