Health Coaching

Do you find that you decide to do something for your health, but then you either find that you can’t get started, or you keep it up for a little while and then you find yourself backsliding? Perhaps you’ve tried to give up smoking or to lose weight, but without success. Or you may find that a phobia is restricting your activities or the places you can visit. If this is the case you may find it easier to make those changes with the help of a health coach.

Health coaching empowers you to make lasting changes in your behaviour that are the foundation of lifelong well-being. Coaching enables you to identify what measures you need to take to achieve a healthier lifestyle. It helps you to bridge the gap between the things you’ve decided to do for a healthier life and your ability to successfully implement and integrate those resolutions into your life. Or you may feel you need some concrete recommendations. These can encompass nutrition, exercise, sleep and relaxation, pain management and stress reduction, and will always take account of your life as it is now.

Health coaching is offered by Sorrel Pindar who is a Certified Clarity Coach and NLP* Master Practitioner. NLP harnesses the power of your unconscious mind to help you overcome the blockages which are interfering with your attempts to reach those all-important health goals.

There is a variety of issues that you may wish to raise in health coaching, including:

* that’s short for neuro-linguistic programming

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