woman taking exercise

You know you should be taking exercise, but you can’t seem to find time or you really don’t want to, or perhaps you’re afraid to start in case you injure yourself. So you feel stuck and perhaps a little guilty.

You can continue in the same rut, or you can start to look at what exactly is stopping you. Is it the “should”? Who likes to be told they should do anything? It brings back memories of homework and Grandma’s boiled cabbage.

Let’s rephrase that statement: instead of saying “I should be taking exercise,” how about “I know that exercise will make me feel better” or even “I think exercise might make me feel better and I’d like to give it a try.”

Then ask yourself “What can I do to make it possible to take some exercise?”

“What would be fun and active?”

“How can I reorganise my time so that I can fit in the exercise that I want to do?”

“Who can I take along with me to the pool/line dancing/a run/a cycle ride” – fill in your exercise of choice.

If you’re still stuck then you may find it helpful to get some coaching.It can be difficult stepping outside of our comfort zone, and there may be some unconscious patterns holding you back, such as fear of failure, or a tendency to perfectionism. It can be worth exploring what is getting in the way of taking that first step.

If you have concerns about your fitness or perhaps some back pain, I can put on my osteopathic hat and check you over, and then make some recommendations to help you move forward. I also have a number of contacts including fitness coaches and personal trainers who I can refer you to if we feel you need more specialist support.