Study shows accuracy of osteopathic diagnosis of CFS/ME

Getting a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/ME) has not been easy and many patients wait months or even years to find out what is wrong. This is because under the NHS, the diagnosis of CFS/ME relies on ruling out all other causes of the patient’s symptoms. It’s therefore really good news that a study published yesterday in the British Medical Journal shows that Dr Perrin’s aid to diagnosis is very accurate.

Osteopathic method of diagnosis beats the NHS method hands-down

The diagnostic method developed by osteopath, Dr Raymond Perrin relies on five physical signs in the patient’s body:

  • tenderness in the upper abdomen just below the point where the lowest ribs separate from the sternum (the location of the coeliac plexus)
  • small lumps in the breasts (which are due to congested lymph)
  • a tender point on the left side of the chest
  • postural and mechanical dysfunction in the thoracic spine
  • and reduced movement of the bones of the skull (known as cranial flow)

The study compared two health professionals who used the Perrin method with a physician who used standard neurological and rheumatological methods of examination. It concluded that the two health professionals who used the Perrin method were more accurate than the physician. The more experienced health professional was more accurate than her colleague who had only recently been trained in the use of the Perrin method. However both of them were considerably more accurate than the physician.

The study also showed that this accuracy is even higher if only two of the physical signs are used in the Perrin method of diagnosis: tenderness in the upper abdomen and the postural/mechanical disturbance in the thoracic spine.

See the BMJ article.

Perrin Technique – Diagnosis & Treatment – available in Bedford

As a practitioner of the Perrin Technique, I know how valuable these signs are. When a patient comes to me in search of an explanation of fatigue, I am able there and then to give them a definite diagnosis. It is also possible to “identify” the illness in its early stages before it develops into full-blown chronic fatigue syndrome. This means the patient can start treatment and also make the changes they need to make in order to ensure that their fatigue does not develop into frank illness.

Find out more about the Perrin Technique.

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Sorrel Pindar, Registered Osteopath & Health Coach

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