The best recommendations come from satisfied patients. Here are just a few.

After the first consultation I just wanted to send a message to say I can’t believe how Bach Remedies have helped me so far! You told me that usually people don’t feel anything instantly, but I really have! Last night I had the best sleep for the first time in ages! I also notice my colleagues don’t irritate me so much and I feel more relaxed and balanced! I will definitely recommend you to my friends!

Silvia Monti

I’ve been using a mixture of sweet chestnut, cherry plum, rock rose and holly mixture Truly works: balances mind and melts my physical and mental tensions. More space created in between thoughts and overall wellbeing are truly noticeable! Those drops can do a miracle and Natalia is wonderful attentive highly skilled professional. She has a good heart too which is very important in order to help others when I was using my drop mixture I forgot about my symptoms and was nicely balanced to go through the day and use my energy effectively. I highly recommend Natalia and can’t thank the universe enough meeting Natalia in a very dark days on my path.

Lina Sher

We – people, naturally want immediate result, sort of “ faster miracle effect”. But the truth is like everything else, it takes time, it takes the right person to find you a right potion, and it takes faith.
My, at the time, 2 year old daughter was suffering from night terrors. It’s been going on months… she would wake up terrified, screaming, crying, absolutely unconsolable for hours. It was very scare and almost surreal that my perfect, sweet child was going through this and there was nothing i or doctors could do besides WAIT….
I started looking into non- traditional medicine, herbal teas, even hypnosis. I came across an article about Bach remedies. I wanted it all to go away and fast, but i also did not want to give my toddler harsh chemicals, so the idea of natural remedies sounded appealing.

I had a consultation with Natallia, got my drops (combination of drops) and started giving few drops there and there to my daughter. The first night ( after starting the drops) she still had her usual episode of night terrors, and the night after she did have it again. But the second night it did not last for hours, she cried and was able to calm down and fell back asleep. We continued the drops for some time and i still keep them handy, but its now been almost 2 years and she sleeps soundly.
I was so impressed and shocked, that i knew i have to test it on myself. I asked for a personal consultations with Natallia again and started my portions of drops the same day. It worked! It really did – my anxiety and fears lessen and over time I was able to cope with way more things and life stress than i ever was. Thank you so very much for introducing me and my family to a wonderful world of Bach Remedies!!!

Olga Bjelkic

Natalia is very professional!
She helped me after very stressful period of my life. She prepared Bach remedies for me, which really helped me!
I highly recommend her service to anyone!!!

Alicja Marta