Bach Flower Therapy

We all experience negative emotional and mental states during our lives. Some of them pass quickly, others are our personality traits. Some are a result of emergency situations, and others are deeply rooted results of our personal experience.

There is nothing more important than feeling happy. But we can’t have a happy life if our emotions are controlling us. It was Dr. Bach’s belief that disharmony within oneself was the root cause of disease.

Bach Flower Remedies are an amazing way to help us heal and sooth our unwanted negative feelings. They are a gentle means of restoring emotional and mental balance and encouraging the body’s natural healing process.

Developed in the 1930’s by Dr. Edward Bach, a doctor of both traditional and homeopathic medicine, Bach Flower Remedies are a simple and effective form of healing.

Each of the 38 original Bach remedies is derived from nature and is completely safe to take alongside any medication or treatment and without adverse side effects. As they harness the energy of the plant rather than contain the plant itself, the remedies can also be taken by those who have sensitivity to plants and flowers, making them further accessible to all. So, the Bach Flower Remedies are safe to use by the whole family, providing great relief for babies, children, adults, pregnant women and the elderly.

The 38 Remedies can be divided into seven groups, each group dealing with a separate emotional quality: Fear, Uncertainty, Insufficient Interest, Loneliness, Oversensitivity, Despondency or Despair, and Over-care for others.

It would be impossible to list all of the benefits of the Bach Flower Remedies. The original remedies look to treat the root cause of the problem rather than the outcome, which will of course vary for each person. The remedies can help to improve the outlook of a person, address unhelpful thoughts and behavioural patterns, and even challenge core beliefs which make it difficult for us to be at peace with ourselves and the rest of the world. During periods of anxiety, fear, stress of all kinds or trauma when emotions may be heightened, the remedies will look to balance negative feelings and thoughts, which in turn could help to manage existing conditions or prevent the development of an illness on a physical level. Some of the more common reasons people seek the Bach remedies is for help with low mood, lack of confidence, lack of purpose, to address fears and phobias, anger and for support during times of bereavement or significant life changes.

The Bach Flower Remedies work individually and in harmony with each person for their greater good. Each treatment will be empowering and bespoke, with mixes tailored to your own emotional needs and personality traits. 

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