Bedford Integrative Health Centre

Nurturing & empowerment to promote health and well-being

Bedford Integrative Health Centre (BIHC) offers comprehensive healthcare which aims to promote health and restore well-being. Here at BIHC we take a holistic approach, assessing and addressing all aspects of your health, both physical and emotional. This includes asking about your diet, lifestyle and stress levels, as well as your physical complaints and health-related goals. While most patients will opt for one to one sessions with our qualified and experienced complementary healthcare practitioners, we also offer packages which combine a collaborative and multidisciplinary treatment approach, where two or more practitioners work together to provide the most suitable treatment plan for you.

By offering a full spectrum of healthcare services we can be confident that your health concerns will be addressed thoroughly. We offer you the opportunity to fully understand the underlying causes of your symptoms so that you  can take control of your health.

BIHC is proud to support UpRising UK. if you would like to make a donation to UpRising, you can do so here. To find out more about the organisation, click on their logo below.

UpRising logo“UpRising is a youth leadership development charity promoting the issues of social mobility and equality. Our mission is to open pathways to power for a diverse pool of young people who have talent, but lack opportunity. Over the past ten years, our leadership and employability programmes have directly benefited over 3,500 young people with a further 16,000 young people engaged through democratic engagement, conferences, events and programmes. We equip young people with the skills, knowledge, networks, and confidence to fulfil their leadership potential, find new opportunities, and transform the world around them through social action.  UpRising has been working with young people in Bedfordshire & Luton since 2011.”

Therapies offered include:

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